Coerver Coaching Module 1

The Coerver coaching Module 1 gives coaches, managers and parents an introduction into the Coerver coaching curriculum in a 3 hour course. It’s a very effective way for a club or league of getting a group of coaches trained up on the same philosophy in a very short space of time. This course can be run at your club for your coaches and parents.

Coerver Intro 

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new 1-day Coerver® Intro Course, in association with our global partner adidas®. The purpose of our new Coerver® Intro Course, is to provide attendees with a theory and practical based overview of the evolution of the Coerver® method since being founded in 1984. Attendees will learn how to teach skills from mastery to game effective use with a specific focus on Coerver® Ball Mastery & Coerver® 1 v 1 Mirror Moves which are essential skills for all players, no matter their age, ability or position.

Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma 1

The purpose of the Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma is to give attendees, whether you are a professional Academy coach, junior coach, and teacher or parent a greater understanding of how to plan and deliver more effective coaching sessions. This will be made possible by learning to use the New Coerver Coaching Session Planner which will provide a quick and easy solution for all attendees who would like to construct weekly, monthly or even season long programmes using proven, high quality drills and games from Coerver Coaching.

Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma 2

The Youth Diploma 2 is a new Coaching Qualification which is now available in Ireland from the beginning of 2016 and coaches will be invited to complete this Licence if they have completed the Diploma 1. This qualification builds on 32 years of history and experience and highlights the importance of Coerver Coaching in the full 11 v 11 game.

Coerver Coaching Coach Education Module Program

We are delighted to now have a 12 Module Coerver Coaching Program that can be delivered to both Partner Clubs & Associated Clubs. The 12 Module Coerver Coaching Program is complimentary to Partner Clubs and at a reasonable cost to Associated Clubs. This is a program delivered within a club for all its coaching team and management. Each Module is 90 minutes long on the Pitch and 15 Minute Presentation.

For more information about our coach education courses in Connacht contact us here.


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